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Gastro-Intestinal Diseases

BAGH Homoeo Clinic under the supervision of Dr. Guftiar Ahmed invites patients with the following Gastro-Intestinal diseases. Dr. Guftiar Ahmed and his team of doctors and paramedics give special attention to each of their patients individually with the aim and attention on proper diagnosis and curable treatment:


 Hardening of stool disturbs the habit of normal soft stool passing.

Abdominal distension & eructations due to gaseous abdomen.

Locally dilated rectal veins which cause itching, pain, swelling at the anus, and sometimes bleeding on defecation.

Feeling of heart burning & sour reflux in the mouth due to indigestion, spicy foods & H.Pylori infection.

Inability to digest food due to G.I upset.

Aphthae and mouth ulcers due to G.I. disorders.