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Skin Diseases

BAGH Homoeo Clinic under the supervision of Dr. Guftiar Ahmed invites patients with the following Skin diseases. Dr. Guftiar Ahmed and his team of doctors and paramedics give special attention to each of their patient individually with the aim and attention on proper diagnosis and curable treatment:

An inflammatory condition of the sebaceous glands (oil secreting glands) of the skin characterized by blackheads and pustules. This condition occurs commonly in adolescents and young adults affecting the face, chest & back.

Allergy is a response of the defense system to certain substances termed Allergens. The ensuing reaction between the body produced antibodies and allergens, trigger the release of “Histamines” and other chemicals, which cause the symptoms of allergy.

Dullness of skin arises mostly due to imbalance diet and anemia. Environmental, psychological & dermatological factors are also considered to be the cause of skin dullness.

It is a chronic inflammatory condition of the skin causing a distinctive pattern of symptoms such as itching, scaling, thickening of skin and discolouration of skin. Also called as atopic dermatitis, it may run in families and is often associated with asthma.

Brown pigmented spots on the skin commonly on face mainly due to less blood supply to the freckled area of skin.